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What Happens If You Sell A House With Free Solar Panels Installed?

One concern people may have when considering taking up one of the free solar panel offers or indeed buying a system outright is what happens when I sell my home? The panels are after all attached to the house as is all the wiring and the inverter so you can't just take the system with you.

With the free panels the new owner will take over the contract. This system is also being taken up by the governments new Green Deal whereby any green improvement done on the house is paid for by whoever is benefiting from the improvement. So this means that the new buyer will have to take on the remainder of the contract if they want to buy the house.

Check your options before getting solar panels installed

selling your home with solar panelsThis could of course cause problems, what if the new owners did not want the solar panels or they wanted to have their own pay for system so that they could claim the feed in tariffs for themselves? Most of the companies do have an option where you can buy back the panels from the company. If you wanted them removed before the contract ended you would probably have to pay to get out of the contract or come to some sort of deal with the company that installed the free panels in the first place.

At the moment the free installers do not make it very clear as to what would happen if you sold your home or indeed bought a home with the panels already installed.

In November 2010 a home with a free system installed by A Shade Greener was sold and the panels were a selling point. The new owners were however interested in solar beforehand so in this case it did help with the sale.

If you are considering having free panels fitted by one of the free solar panel installers you are going to have to consider how this will affect you if you do decide to move. Ask specifically what your options would be at that point and make sure you get them to point out these options in the contract before you sign it.

A paid for system on the other hand because it would be owned by the new owner and they would be able to get the lucrative feed in tariff payments would be a big selling point. Few people would turn down a house that substantially reduced your electricity bills and guaranteed you payments for up to 25 years. This would be a great selling point for any home.

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