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SunShare Offers An Alternative To Free Solar Panels

Avonline have introduced a scheme called SunShare that aims to bridge the gap between the current free solar panel options and buying solar panel yourself. Instead it offers to share the feed in tariff payments with you offering a 30, 40 or 50 percent share.

There is a qualification process to ensure that your property is suitable for the SunShare scheme. Their scheme is more flexible than either just opting for the free solar panels offer or buying a solar PV system outright. You have the option of buying the panels outright at 10, 15 and 20 years into the scheme.

How the SunShare FiT share scheme is broken down

The tables below shows what investment that you can make for the different sized systems. There is also a comparison to the free solar offers and buying outright.

System Size (kW) Recommended Price 30% FiT Share 40% FiT Share 50% FiT Share
2.58 £ 13,330 £ 3,999 £ 5,249 £ 6,499
3.01 £ 14,997 £ 4,499 £ 5,999 £ 7,499
3.44 £ 16,663 £ 4,999 £ 6,499 £ 8,249
3.87 £ 18,330 £ 5,499 £ 7,249 £ 8,999

Comparison of options

  SunShare Full Price
(do it yourself)
Free Installation
Costs £4 - £9k £12 - £18k Nil
You own the system No Yes No
Free Electricity Yes Yes Yes
FiT Share 30% - 50% 100% No
Free Maintenance Yes No Yes
Right to Buy Yes n/a No

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