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Sainsbury's To Sell Solar PV Panels

Supermarket giant Sainsbury's are now using their stores to promote and sell solar panels. They will not actually be selling solar PV panels direct to the public but will be acting as a middle man to British Gas, the UK's largest solar installer.

A number of other energy efficiency services are also being offered including cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. Insulating your home is a sensible option if you have not already done so as the cost is still heavily subsidised and in some cases free for certain groups of people.

At the time of writing Sainsbury's are offering a 2.1kWp system starting at £9,999. Saving based on a 2.1kWp solar PV system over a year are claimed to be around £900, the bulk of which will be from the feed-in tariff payments you get for installing solar.

How Much Does A Solar Panels Installation From Sainsbury's Cost?

Sainsbury's selling solar panelsBelow is a list of the prices inclusive of VAT for different sized installations. Interestingly the prices being charged are exactly the same as if you had gone to British Gas directly. The only benefit I can of going through Sainsbury is that you can get 10,000 Nectar points which are paid to you 7 days after the installation.

  • 0.84kWp £5,999
  • 1.26kWp £7,299
  • 1.4kWp £7,999
  • 1.68kWp £8,495
  • 2.1kWp £9,999
  • 2.52kWp £11,000
  • 3.15kWp £12,899
  • 3.99kWp £15,300

Their typical installation at 2.1kWp claims to be able to provide half you annual electrical energy requirements based on the national average consumption of 3,300kWh. Most of the information provided on Sainsbury's solar panel site is duplicated from the British Gas website.

I doubt the Sainsbury's has suddenly developed a green conscience and started promoting solar. It is more likely to do with the increased interest in solar PV generated by the substantial tax free profits anyone who install solar can make from the governments feed in tariff.

However any effort that will increase the public's awareness of renewable technologies is to be applauded and encouraged. Although I am not sure how the general public will view a supermarket selling solar panels.

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