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Residents Benefiting From Solar In Rural Communities

People who live in smaller rural communities have been missing out on the benefits that sunlight can bring to generate free energy. Villages and small towns can be located in protected areas such as national parks were the restrictions are stricter. Recently however the national park authorities have relaxed their rules to allow homeowners to install renewable technologies such as solar panels.

Many locations outside of large towns are not on mains gas which means that heating is more expensive. Often oil or other more expensive forms of heating fuel has to be used which means that energy bills in these locations are far more expensive than in towns and cities where mains gas is available.

Many residents are also retired and rely on a pension as their sole income. They may live in a larger property which is more expensive to heat and there are unfortunately many single elderly people where their partner has died. This is going to be an increasingly common situation in the UK as the population ages and fuel costs continue to rise to a point where more and more people are going to find it harder to heat their homes.

rural solarThose who can afford it are installing solar such as councillor Tim Swales (63) in Osmotherly. He spent £8,000 on installing solar panels on his roof and hopes to recoup his investment in 6 years. This means that he will have a further 19 years of tax free feed-in tariff payments because he is generating green electricity.

The restrictions on installing solar panels is not just restricted to national parks. A surrey council recently asked a homeowner to remove solar panels from their roof as they detracted from the character of the area. The homeowner is currently appealing the decision but it just goes to show the gap between local councils and government policy.

Peterborough council residents to get free solar

It looks like council tenants in Peterborough are going to benefit from free solar if their home is suitable. In a deal between Cross Keys, British Gas and Mears council tenants could be benefiting from free electricity which will help reduce their utility bills. There are now many councils and social housing authorities who are partnering with installers in deals which benefit the installers, the tenants and the associations. In Peterborough suitable south facing homes are being identified before the installations will start to take place.

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