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Microgeneration Certification Scheme

The microgeneration certification scheme or MCS is an organisation designed to certify the installers and manufacturers of renewable technologies that generate heat or electricity. It is designed to a recognisable quality standard mark to show that products and installers are qualified for the purpose.

The scheme covers both the renewable technologies themselves and the people that install them. The MCS database lists all of the certified equipment that meets the MCS standard and that qualifies for funding from the feed-in tariff. They also maintain a list of all the qualified installers, an MCS qualified installer needs to be used in order to claim the feed-in tariff payments.

What MCS means for consumers thinking of installing solar

Microgeneration Certification Scheme MCS logo The scheme is intrinsically linked to the UK feed-in tariff scheme, if you want to claim the payments you need to ensure your chosen installed is registered on the MCS site. You can search for a specific company or find an installer in your area by searching the list of mcs accredited installers.

If you are having solar panels installed then your installer should be MCS accredited and the system they are installing should also be accredited. A good installer will explain the process and register your installation once complete so that you can start receiving your quarterly FITs payments.

Microgeneration certification scheme training and courses

If you are a company or an individual looking to become MCS accredited you can do so by taking a microgeneration certification scheme course in order to become qualified. Accreditation for solar installers is currently being run by a number of certification bodies which are listed below.

There are a number of companies also offering solar panel installation courses where you can also become qualified and certificated through the above bodies. If you have no previous experience in installing solar then there are a number of companies offering microgeneration certification scheme installer training. These course will give you practical experience at installing a solar photovoltaic system and lead to MCS accreditation.

The process to becoming MCS qualified typically costs from around £500 depending on the type of renewable technology you are being trained on and the level of training required. You can train whether you are an existing installer looking to get accredited or as someone joining the solar installation industry from scratch.

The first stage of the process is to receive your training which will be both practical and theoretical. Once your training is complete you can book your inspection with one of the certification bodies (for photovoltaic solar panels the bodies are listed above). Once you are certified you can work for yourself or get a job with one of the existing installers.

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