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You can find out about solar in your area using the UK city solar map. Move your mouse over the map and click on your city to find out more about the amount of solar that has been installed in your area. There is also information about what free solar installers are located close to you and cover your area for free solar installations.

Where you live can affect how well solar panels work

When it comes to solar PV not all areas of the UK are equal, the closer you are to Cornwall the more energy from the Sun will reach you. It is not anything that you would notice just by going outside but you can get an idea when you see any weather forecast. Notice how much warmer it usually is in the South of England compared to Scotland? This is because the amount of heat and light energy reaching the UK is not equal, in the northern hemisphere where we live the farther south you live the warmer and generally the sunnier it will be.

So if you have solar panels installed they will receive more light energy from the Sun if you live in Bristol compared to the Shetlands. As a consequence this means that solar panels installed on homes closer to the south of the UK will on average generate more electricity than those in the North. The map below will give you an idea of how solar panels may perform in your area.

Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Doncaster, Leeds, Leicester, London, Nottingham, Rochester, Sheffield, Southampton, Wakefield.

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