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How To Get Free Solar Panels In The UK

You would no doubt like to know exactly how you can get the free solar panels being offered by several of the UK solar installers. You have to first understand that you or more importantly your home has to meet certain requirements in order to qualify for this free offer.

So what are the requirements needed to get the free panels? The requirements do vary slightly between the companies offering the panels but the general rules are that:

  • Your roof is South facing of within 30 degrees of South
  • The South facing roof has at least 24sq metres of space to fit the panels
  • The roof is not overshadowed by trees or other buildings
  • Your roof must be strong enough to take the weight of the installation
your roof must be south facing

Once you find out whether your house is suitable it will take about a day to install and set up your panels. There will be minimal interruption to your electricity supply when they connect the system to you mains supply. Once installed the panels will still belong to the company that installed them which means that they will take care of the maintenance and upkeep. After the 25 year guarantee you will generally own the panels.

After those 25 years you should expect them to still produce electricity and so you will still keep any revenues or electricity that they continue to produce. You should however check with your installer to confirm the exact procedure as it will vary between each firm.

The solar installation companies currently offering free solar panels can be found on our free solar panel installers page.

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