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How Much Are Solar Panels Going To Cost You?

Before you buy anything you will usually want to know how much it is going to cost. If you are looking to buy an item like a solar panel you would research the prices on the internet or visit a few local electronics retailers. If you were getting a solar panel system installed you would most likely be contacting installers for a quote.

Finding out how much solar panels cost online is a lot easier whether you are buying a single panel or having a full system installed. If you are buying panels individually then you can pick up a new 80 watt panel for as little as £150. You can find out more about solar panel cost where I have detailed the cost of buying a solar panel kit.

If you are looking for prices for full installations of a complete solar system including certifications I have researched quotes from several UK installers getting prices for different sized systems. You can find the details on the cost of solar panel installations page.

So Exactly How Much Are Solar Panels?

how much are solar panelsAs mentioned before you can pick up a small 80 watt panel quite cheaply. It really depends on what you want to power. If you just want a light for the shed then a small panel will suffice. You will however need more than just the panel, you are going to need a battery to store the power assuming you are not going to be using the light bulb during the day. You will also need a charge controller so your battery is not overcharged or drained of power under low light conditions.

The cost of a solar panel kit and 12 volt battery to store the power can cost anywhere from £250 to £600. These come with everything you need and can be used to run a light in the shed or for leisure application such as motor homes or caravans. Usually the solar kit and battery are sold separately so the kit can cost from £200 to £500 and the 12v battery can cost from £50 to £100.

The Cost Of Solar Panels For Your home

Whilst a simple solar kit is something you can set up yourself getting solar installed on your home is another matter. You will need to use the services of a local solar panel installation company. They will quote you for size of installation suitable for your property.

The size of your roof will be the limiting factor on how large of an installation you can have. The larger the solar array you have fitted the more of your homes electrical needs can be met by solar. A reasonably sized system of 2.5kWh should be able to provide half of all the electricity you require over a year. It is important to understand that as it is sunnier during the summer and less sunny in winter you will find that the panels will meet most of your electrical needs during the summer months and only a small amount in the winter months.

For residential properties the cost of a system installed starts from around £4,500 which will pay for a small 1.1kWp system. This sized array will consist of approximately 6 panels which will require just under 8 square metres of roof space. A larger system which is about 2.5kWh would require 14 panels and require just over 18 square metres of space on your roof. To get more detailed costs for different sized systems you should take a look at this page showing various quotes on different sized systems.

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