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How Do I Qualify For Free Solar Panels And How Do I Apply?

There are number of companies based around the UK that offer to install free solar panels on your roof. You will have to contact one of these companies directly in order to see if you qualify. You can either call them or fill in their online form to get in contact.

You can browse through our list of free solar panel installers and visit the installers site that will contain their contact details. These are private companies and are not in any way affiliated with the government. They will however contact the government sanctioned bodies in order to complete the necessary paperwork on your behalf. There should be no costs involved but you can check directly with the solar installer to confirm this.

How to check if you qualify?

qualify for free solar panels

Most websites with such free solar offers will have an initial checker that pre-qualifies your home. This will usually start with you entering your postcode to locate your house on a map. You are then able to identify your home on this map, you may also be able to add other specific details such as roof size and roof angle.

At this point the provider may be able to determine whether or not your property is suitable for solar panels. In general your home needs to be south facing, you need to own your home and there should be no shading on your roof from trees or other tall buildings.

A further visit from the installer will confirm your homes suitability and determine the size of the solar array that can be installed on your roof. Every company will have different sized systems that they can install so will choose one that will make maximum use of your available roof space.

If you qualify for solar panels

Should your property qualify for one of the free solar installations you will sign a contract agreeing to have the panels installed. This is a long term commitment that will last 25 years. The panels will have to remain on your home even if you move and so would be taken on by the new owner. You can find out more about selling a house with solar panels installed.

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