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Get Paid To Heat Your Home With The Renewable Heat Incentive

A new scheme being introduced by the government that will be officially launched in 2011 with pay individuals and business to heat their properties using renewable technologies. The scheme pays up to 18 pence per kilowatt hour for up to 23 years.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme will encourage everyone to take up more efficient heating technologies that produce less greenhouse gases and make more frugal use of energy.

What Types Of Technology Are Covered?

Heat your home under the  The Renewable Heat IncentiveBoth the newer and more well established renewable heat generation technologies are being supported. Solar thermal panels that heat water, air source and ground source heat pumps that extract useable heat from the ground and the air. The less well known technologies such as Biomass, Bioliquids and Biogas are also being supported.

This means that as well as getting paid for producing your own electricity through the feed in tariff you will now also be paid to heat your home through the RHI scheme. This could mean that you have solar PV panels producing your electricity and solar thermal panels producing hot water.

A business may decide to install an air source heat pump to heat the office. Many business already do this but now they will be paid to do it. Ground source heat pumps which draw the warmth from underground to heat the home via methods such as under floor heating will also be able to get paid for doing so.

The idea behind the new scheme is to make it financially viable to switch to renewable heating systems to reduce the countries reliance on fossil fuels. People seeing the biggest benefits will be those with oil fired heating systems where they cannot get the cheaper mains gas.

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