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GEO Solo PV Energy Monitor
Solar energy monitor from Green energy Options

A solar energy monitor allows you to see how much power your solar panels are currently generating. In the case of the GEO Solo wireless the information is displayed on a handheld device that is similar in size and looks to a smart phone or iPhone.

These are not the same as the home energy monitors that are used to display your energy usage in the home. There are several models currently available in the UK such as the Wattson Solar Plus and the OWL CM160 but the Solo is the only handheld colour display.

Key features

This model is easy to get working with a pulse meter that sticks to the front of your electricity meter so no messing with wires or any tools needed making it safe to install. This enables the unit to display live generation data on its colour display working independently of the inverter. Unlike the GEO Solo some monitors require you to place a clamp around a wire coming out of your inverter, whilst this is not difficult it can often mean having to go into the loft to get access to the inverter. This makes the GEO a lot simpler to set up as most people's electricity meter will be easily accessible downstairs.

The device itself is mains operated so it means you can place it anywhere in your house where a mains power point is located. The modern style with a black gloss look and compact design means it wouldn't look out of place in most homes. It is the best looking device currently available.

How does the Solo PV work?

The Solo PV is designed to work with your pulse generation meter, that's the meters that have that small flashing LED light on the front. You get an LED reader and transmitter that attaches to the front of your generation meter. The reader then monitors the pulsing LED and sends the information via the battery powered transmitter to your handheld solar energy monitor.

What does the display show you?

The display is designed to be easy to read and understand, the colour display on the black background make it easy to read what's on the screen. The information is displayed in a similar way to a speedometer on a car dashboard making it easy to see how well your panels are currently performing. You can set the display based on the size of your actual array so you get a real reading of what your panels are currently doing.

what you can see on the geo solo pv display

MyEnergy statistics

Although the display only shows up to a weeks worth of stats all of the data can be saved onto an SD card and then uploaded to the MyEnergy site where the information can be analysed further. Of course you don't have to do this but if you do there is the advantage of being able to monitor your energy generation over long periods of time. This is very useful for recording how well your system performs at different times of the year.

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