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Free Wind Turbines For Farmers And Landowners

Simon and Kim Morrish are the team behind a new company SolarVentus, offering free wind turbines and free solar panels to farmers and land owners. You will need to have a suitable site to be eligible for this offer.

Whether solar or wind is used the systems will need a 3 phase electrical connection which should not be a problem for most commercial sites. For solar, a shade free area is needed and roof mounted panels will need a 30 to 40 degree roof angle to work at their best. The minimum roof space required is 15 square metres which makes a barn or agricultural building roof space ideal.

free wind turbines solarventusTo be eligible for the wind turbine offer you will need a suitable site with sufficient wind speed. You will need a clear area at least 110 metres from your neighbours and a clear vertical area as free from trees, power cable or other obstructions. Planning permission will be required which will means any potential benefits will take longer to be realised compared to solar.

As with many similar offers whilst there are no costs that you incur the panels or turbines are not your property but remain under the ownership of the installers. You do benefit from the free solar energy that is harnessed from them to produce electricity.

Homeowners can also take advantage of the free solar offers currently being made available by several UK installers and energy companies. Whilst the commercial sites may have larger individual benefits the overall impact in carbon reduction can potentially be much more significant with a much wider take up of these renewable energy offers.

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