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It still perplexes me why the central region of the country seems to be the UK's hub for solar when the south west has a greater level of insolation (new word I learned, means lots of sun). Still it is the home to a number of free solar installers and has one of the highest levels of solar uptake in the country.

Free solar panel offers in the Sheffield and Barnley area are thought to be the reason for them outranking Cornwall for the number of solar panels installations in 2010. A vast majority of the installations are 3.3kW which is the same size as the 18 panel system that A Shade Greener installs.

sheffield free solar panelsMany of the installations in the Sheffield area are no doubt down to the offers from the free solar panel installers located in that area. A Shade Greener is located in Barnsley, GEP Solutions are based in Sheffield, Heatscape is in Derby, E.on Energy (Eon free solar panels offer) is in nearby Nottingham, Viscount solar in Wakefield, Eco One in Leeds and U Energy in Huddersfield. If you live in the Sheffield area you can apply for free solar to register your interest.

Sheffield Solar PV installations in 2010

This is a list of installations of residential solar photovoltaic systems that were registered in the Sheffield (S) postcode area broken down by local authority. The Ofgem data that the figures are based on do have quite a few errors but the figures give a good indication of the amount of solar PV that was installed during 2010.

  • Barnsley S3 9.9 kWp
  • Barnsley S36 40 kWp
  • Barnsley S6 9.93 kWp
  • Barnsley S63 31.73 kWp
  • Barnsley S7 103.77 kWp
  • Barnsley S70 142.32 kWp
  • Barnsley S71 214.41 kWp
  • Barnsley S72 79.38 kWp
  • Barnsley S73 79.32 kWp
  • Barnsley S74 19.83 kWp
  • Barnsley S75 283.99 kWp
  • Chesterfield S4 31.37 kWp
  • Chesterfield S40 44.5 kWp
  • Chesterfield S41 45.42 kWp
  • Chesterfield S43 80.58 kWp
  • Rotherham S2 60.25 kWp
  • Rotherham S25 77.5 kWp
  • Rotherham S26 268.53 kWp
  • Rotherham S35 3.52 kWp
  • Rotherham S6 54.07 kWp
  • Rotherham S60 46.94 kWp
  • Rotherham S61 53.14 kWp
  • Rotherham S62 16.11 kWp
  • Rotherham S63 49.71 kWp
  • Rotherham S64 79.6 kWp
  • Rotherham S65 28.43 kWp
  • Rotherham S66 145.24 kWp
  • Rotherham S73 5.5 kWp
  • Rotherham S81 3.96 kWp
  • Sheffield S1 32.51 kWp
  • Sheffield S10 98.9 kWp
  • Sheffield S11 56.86 kWp
  • Sheffield S12 88.82 kWp
  • Sheffield S13 29.82 kWp
  • Sheffield S14 6.63 kWp
  • Sheffield S17 12.98 kWp
  • Sheffield S2 83.12 kWp
  • Sheffield S20 489.86 kWp
  • Sheffield S3 12.1 kWp
  • Sheffield S35 37.595 kWp
  • Sheffield S36 25.39 kWp
  • Sheffield S4 4.84 kWp
  • Sheffield S5 3.3 kWp
  • Sheffield S6 32.83 kWp
  • Sheffield S7 10.86 kWp
  • Sheffield S8 24.02 kWp
  • Sheffield S9 13.29 kWp

Sheffield Eco Terrace

Sheffield does claim to be the greenest city in the UK but them again so do many others. They have however refurbished a mid-terraced house taking it up to an A rated home. As part of the green improvements solar photovoltaic panels were installed. The solar panels were installed where the chimney would cast a shadow over one of the panels. To reduce the effect of this shadowing micro inverters where used rather than a single inverter.

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