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The midlands area has seen the highest number of solar PV installations during 2010. This number is for both free solar panels installed in the Nottingham area and installations that have been paid for by the householder. In Nottingham alone there were 75 individual non-commercial installations.

There are a number of free solar panel installers around Nottingham including E.on who have their head office at 49 Mount Street, Nottingham. Close by in Barnsley the free installer A Shade Greener is located which have no doubt been responsible for a number of the installations in the Nottinghamshire area.

nottingham free solar panelsIn addition to E.on a person looking to have free solar panels installed could apply to A Shade Greener (Barnsley), Heatscape (Derby), Reflex Energy (Leicester), My Energy Station (Birmingham), Viscount Solar (Wakefield) and Eco One (leeds). If you live in the Nottingham area and want to apply for free solar panels then you can find all the contact details of these companies on our free solar installers page (map).

Nottingham Solar PV installations in 2010

The list below shows the total number of kilowatts of solar photovoltaic arrays that were installed in the Nottingham postcode area (NG). The list is divided by local authority according to Ofgem.

  • Amber Valley 5.2kWp
  • Ashfield 79.89 kWp
  • Bassetlaw 7.21 kWp
  • Bolsover 3.3 kWp
  • Broxtowe 57.65 kWp
  • Erewash 27.77 kWp
  • Gedling 86.56 kWp
  • Mansfield 89.28 kWp
  • Melton 10.94 kWp
  • Newark and Sherwood 161.21 kWp
  • North Kesteven 42.09 kWp
  • Nottingham 155.15 kWp
  • Rushcliffe 187.075 kWp
  • South Kesteven 50.094 kWp

Nottingham City Homes (NCH) install E.on Solar Panels

Nottingham City Homes who manage some 29,000 council homes across Nottinghamshire have gone into partnership with E.on to install 600 south facing homes with free solar. At the time of writing they are still identifying suitable social housing homes so if you think you might qualify you can call them on 0800 015 0453.

Most of the free installations that occur are on owner occupier homes, houses where the residents own the house outright or who have a mortgage. It is because forward thinking NCH have partnered with E.on Energy that many council tenants will now be able to benefit from free electricity saving an estimated £120 a year off their electricity bills for at least 25 years.


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