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Free Solar Panels In London

There are a number of free solar panel installers in the London area including Engensa, Freetricity, Isis Solar, Homesun, Woodford Heating and Energy. Also in the same area are Southern Electric (Reading) and Aston Energy (Kings Langley). There are a number of other installers that will also install free solar in the London area.

London does cover a number of boroughs such as Kensington. Lambeth, Poplar, Brentford and Wembley which is also the registered office of Homesun. Islington had the highest residential installation capacity during 2010 with over 107kWp installed during that year.

London Solar PV installation in 2010

london free solar panelsThis is a list showing the total residential capacity of solar photovoltaic systems installed in London local authority boroughs as defined by Ofgem. You can find an installer local to you by viewing the free solar panel installers list or viewing the free installers on this UK map.

  • Barking and Dagenham 16.05 kWp
  • Barnet 80.12 kWp
  • Bexley 43.58 kWp
  • Brent 32.88 kWp
  • Bromley 151.605 kWp
  • Camden 40.54 kWp
  • City of London 21.24 kWp
  • Croydon 89.73 kWp
  • Ealing 65.89 kWp
  • Enfield 46.71 kWp
  • Greenwich 53.9 kWp
  • Hackney 23.65 kWp
  • Hammersmith and Fulham 12.19 kWp
  • Haringey 93.53 kWp
  • Harrow 54.07 kWp
  • Havering 50.83 kWp
  • Hillingdon 59.96 kWp
  • Hounslow 33.09 kWp
  • Islington 107.945 kWp
  • Kensington and Chelsea 23.75 kWp
  • Kingston upon Thames 55.94 kWp
  • Lambeth 89.705 kWp
  • Lewisham 65.26 kWp
  • Merton 55.06 kWp
  • Newham 11.03 kWp
  • Redbridge 50.455 kWp
  • Richmond upon Thames 96.795 kWp
  • Southwark 28.31 kWp
  • Sutton 59.956 kWp
  • Tower Hamlets 11.24 kWp
  • Waltham Forest 23.52 kWp
  • Wandsworth 50.47 kWp
  • Westminster 11.68 kWp

Free solar for Islington council tenants

Council tenants will get free solar panels in the London borough of Islington, they are being installed on every council building in the London authority. The free solar is being provided by partnering with free solar installers so as there will be no cost to the Islington council or the tenants.

The forward thinking council will save its tenants money on their electricity bills at no extra cost. The scheme will also create local training and jobs in the area. Islington already had the highest level of installed residential solar PV capacity of any London borough according to Ofgem's 2010 figures. This new scheme, the first in London, is bound to set the borough far ahead in terms of generating electricity through solar.


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