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Free Solar Panels From Leicestershire Based Reflex Energy

Renewable energy installer Reflex Energy based in Leicester is now offering free solar panel systems to home owners in the Leicestershire and Rutland area. If you have a postcode starting LE then you may qualify for one of their free installations.

Although as of May 2011 there are 17 companies offering free solar Relex is different in that it is also paying a one off £500 payment on completion of the install. For Leicestershire home owners this could potentially mean in the first year after the system is installed they will be £800 better off.

free solar panels from reflex energyThe company claim that their 3kW system will save the average UK customer £300 a year on their electricity bill. For a residential householder buying and installing a similar system themselves would cost between ten and fifteen thousand pounds. However owing your own system could potentially make you over a thousand pounds a year better off for at least 25 years.

Reflex energy were previously offer free solar to the commercial sector installing larger systems on the roofs of businesses. However the recent feed-in tariff review on larger installations has meant that such a business model is no longer financially viable.

The benefits of free solar

To benefit from most of the free solar schemes currently on offer you need to own your own home. Your roof needs to be free of any shading and face in a southerly direction although it does not have to be a direct south facing aspect.

You sign a contract that allows the company to use your roof for 25 years to house the panels. If you move within that 25 year period the panels will stay with the house and need to remain on the roof for the remainder of the contract.

With the solar panels installed a typical UK household can expect to save around £300 on their electricity bill every year for the next 25 years. People spending more time at home during the day will benefit more from this offer as the panels only generate electricity during daylight hours. Yu can find out more about free solar panels in Leicester and how to apply.

After the 25 years is up ownership of the panels will go to the current owner of the house. Whilst the manufacturers tend to only guarantee the panels for up to 25 years they can continue to generate electricity for up to 40 years so you could continue to benefit from free electricity.

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