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Free Solar Panels For Warehouses From Sundog

The clean energy solutions company Sundog Energy is purporting to be offering free solar panels for industrial sites. At the time of writing their website does not provide and information about this offer. Suffice to say it will probably run along the same lines as the types of offer by similar firms offering free solar panels for your home.

The company have just won a contract to install a 240kWp system on the roof of the Kings Cross station in London. The panels are to be integrated into a new glass roof covering the platforms and station concourse.

The use of solar panels on industrial, warehouse and agricultural buildings is a much better use of space and possibly a more sensible option than on domestic buildings and farmland.

free solar panels for commercial propertiesThere have been projects to turn farmers fields into solar farms. This uses up valuable farm land which could have otherwise been used for food crops. Adding panels to the roofs of existing industrial building means that no extra space is being used up. Commercial buildings also tend to be much larger and taller making them less likely to be troubled by overshadowing from trees or other buildings.

This and similar projects has been made possible since the introduction of the governments feed in tariff. This tariff pays small scale green energy producers to generate clean energy. The rate the tariff pays varies depending on the type of technology used but solar PV placed on existing buildings pays the highest rates.

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