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Free Solar Panels For Industrial Buildings And Commercial Properties

Leicester based Reflex Energy is offering to install free solar panels on commercial properties. The deal offers businesses and commercial property owners the chance to have a 125KW system installed that will generate £9,000 worth of free electricity for the business every year for 25 years.

The company offer to install the panels on commercial or other large properties such as schools. They take care of the installation, project management, maintenance and insurance.

What Types Of Technology Are Covered?

free solar panels for industrial and commercial buildingsThese types of large scale solar farms are only possible because of the governments feed in tariff. For large scale retro fit solar installations the tariff pays out 31.4p per kilowatt hour. The government is currently reviewing the tariff for large scale solar installations over 50 kilowatts. This may mean that any new large scale projects after the governments review may no get funding, the tariff levels may be reduced or there may be some sort of cap on the number of projects. This however does not affect any projects completed before the final decision is made.

Something that may interest commercial property owners is the fact that Reflex Energy are offering to pay £7,000 per year to rent your roof. This is an alternative to getting the free electricity if you chose not to use the estimated £9,000 worth of electricity a year their typical installation would produce.

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