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Free Solar Panels Explained

So you have heard that you can get free solar panels but are not sure exactly how the scheme works. In 2010 the government changed their existing solar panel grants system something called the feed in tariff. Rather than giving a grant to people who install solar to cover part of the cost they now pay you for the clean energy that you produce. Essentially it means that if you buy a solar photovoltaic system you will get your money back over a period of about 10 years although the payments last for 25 years.

Due to the change in the solar grant system companies have emerged to offer free solar panels for your home at absolutely no cost to the homeowner. In order to apply to be considered for a free solar system you will have to apply directly with the companies making these offers. We have a page listing all of the ,a href="">free installers and also a geographical UK solar installer map showing where these companies are based so that you can apply to one close to where you live.

How the scheme works

free solar panels explainedFirstly you apply to one of the installers. Your home will need to meet certain criteria to qualify and they will inform you if it does. The criteria are based on your home and not on your personal circumstances. Every company has slightly different guidelines but essentially they are looking for roofs facing south. You can find out more about qualifying and applying for free solar or contact us directly if you have a question that you cannot find an answer to on our site.

If you qualify then they will arrange a date to install the panels on your roof. The work usually takes a couple of days. Once installed the panels will generate electricity for you to use during the day, they will produce more power during summer days than they will in winter days. You get to use all of the electricity the panels produce totally free or charge.

Your contract with your chosen company will usually last 25 years over which time the company will make sure they continue to work effectively. You will not incur any costs whatsoever during this time unless you decide to cancel the contract.

During the 25 year contract the company that installed the panels will still own them; they will essentially be renting your roof space in return for free electricity. After the 25 years is up they will usually hand over ownership of the panels to you. Your contract will have ended and the panels may continue to generate electricity for years to come. Some solar installations are still generating power after 40 years.

How solar works

The free panels on offer are photovoltaic panels that generate electricity. They work by turning sunlight into electricity. They produce the most electricity on sunny days but still work, although producing less power, on overcast or cloudy days.

Photovoltaic systems are made up of more than just the solar panels. Another major component of the installation is the inverter which turns the low voltage electricity generated by the panels into a voltage high enough for your home electrical appliances to be able to use. All of the components needed for a fully functional PV system will be included in the installation.

Having solar installed does not mean you will no longer receive electricity bills, it just means your bills will be lower. Depending how much electricity you use during the day you can expect your bills to be between a third and two thirds lower than they are at the moment.

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