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Free Solar Installer A Shade Greener Claims 37 Percent Energy Savings

A Shade Greener has published data showing the average energy savings for it's customers who have had free solar panels installed for a year. The cost of the homeowner's electricity usage was compared before and after the panels were installed to find out how much they had saved on their bills.

The key findings indicate that a typical saving of 37% were achieved and average savings of 40% were made in those households who changed their energy usage habits. This means that taking the average yearly energy usage of 3,300kWh you would save between £150-200 a year on your electricity bills. Although the data relates to homes with free solar systems installed the finding would equally relate to anyone who owns their own panels.

The study highlights that a majority of customers managed to make a saving of at least a third of their electricity bills compared to the previous year. The comparison was made by comparing the amount the customer paid on their energy bills with the previous year prior to having the panels installed.

A Shade Greener Solar Study

The study also compares average savings across other different factors. Other notes of interest include average savings on energy bills for those who occupy the home during the day. The findings suggest that there is only a few percentage points difference in energy savings between households that were occupied during the day and those that were not.

A majority of the homes with solar installed were two occupant households reflecting the number of customers who are retired. This may also indicate a large number couples of whom may have not yet retired but where the children have left home.

A Shade Greener Solar Study

The study also highlighted the fact that a majority of households that have had solar installed were 2 person households. This is indicative of retired couples and young couples whom have not yet started a family. There was no particular correlation between occupancy levels and average energy savings.

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