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Facts And Figures About Solar

Wed, 14 Sep 2011 16:59:06 GMT

It is surprising what people do and don't know about solar which means that fiction quickly becomes fact. Some things that people thought were true were not and vice versa. The truth is that there are lots of fact and figures about solar PV that we are not really sure of. What we do know is that solar PV is now the most popular renewable technology in the UK and because of this, thousands of jobs have been created and a lot of clean green energy is going to be generated for years to come.

I read the other day in the Daily Express that some homeowners who installed free solar a year ago are now reporting that they have save between £200 to £300 over the last year. The Energy Savings Trust had downgraded their estimates on the amount of money a typical homeowner would save from free solar so it just goes to show that even the experts can get it wrong. The fact is that people who install solar are changing their habits to get the most out of the free electricity their panels are generating. How do we know this, well installers are talking to the customers they install for to find out how solar can best be utilised. It is these companies that are going to lead innovation in home solar. My case in point is with installers such as Chris Rudge who are developing technology to squeeze even more value out of solar technologies. Read Storing solar for use at night.

solar facts and figuresA recent survey also highlighted some interesting fact and figures about solar and other renewable technologies. When asked about the governments feed-in tariff 65% of people were not even aware that this type of solar grant even existed let alone knew what it was and how it worked. This just goes to show how many people are unaware of the tens of thousands of pounds they could be earning tax free due to this government scheme just for investing in solar. A return many times more than they are investing in buying the solar system in the first place. Again the survey pointed out that people were unaware of how much money they could earn, tax free, from installing solar.

The renewable heat incentive for heating

If well after a year of the feed-in tariff scheme running only a tiny percentage of the UK population has taken advantage of it what will this mean for the renewable heat incentive. It seems strange that even though the government have made all this money available and even made this income tax free that very few have taken advantage of it. The reason is undoubtedly because most people do not even know that the scheme exists. Why not let your friends and family know about the FIT scheme before the generous grants are reduced next year and many will miss out on a scheme that will return 10% yearly on their investment.

You are probably unaware that the government have launched a similar scheme called the renewable heat incentive that will pay you for heating your home with renewable technologies. The scheme works in a similar way to the one for solar except they pay you for generating heat from selected renewable technologies rather than electricity. At the moment it looks like the most popular technology for householders is going to be solar thermal, it is similar to solar PV except that it heats your water instead of generating electricity.

Continued energy price hikes

It looks like all but one of the big 6 energy companies in the UK have now increased their prices. The average increase for electricity bills is around 11% and the average gas bill increases by a massive 18%. You can be assured that you will continue to see price hikes like these over the next few years. Now is a good time to start insulating your home to reduce your heating bills, find out if you qualify for free solar or invest in solar to reduce your electricity bills.

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