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Doorstep Solar Salesman

Sun, 27 Aug 2011 12:01:19 GMT

Solar salesman trying to get you to buy solar or sign up for free solar is something I have touched on before. Recently there have been a number of cold call door to door salesman who have been reported to me whose doorstep techniques have been less than stellar. Not only have these uninvited callers been creative with the truth but they have also been rude and downright offensive.

I have said it before and it needs to be said again, do not entertain salesman on your doorstep. Politely tell them that you are not interested and close the door. If you have elderly parents then make sure that they are aware so they know how to handle doorstep callers. If you are unsure you should answer the door on the latch, I know it seems unfriendly but some salesman can be very difficult to get rid of and will quite literally out there foot in the door. Always ask for some form of identification before you engage in any sort of conversation.

Why should you be wary of solar salesman on your doorstep?

As I have mentioned previously I have had a few emails from people complaining about doorstep callers trying to sign up customers for free solar. doorstep solar salemanThere are several problems with this firstly the salesman are not giving out factually correct information. As these doorstep callers are not regulated by anyone they can say pretty much what they want and get away with it. The information they give out can be not only factually incorrect but downright misleading.

These uninvited callers are also trying to pressurise you into making a decision on your doorstep. You should never make a decision about installing free or paid solar at your door. You need to be able to research the facts and get the right information before making a decision. You cannot make an informed decision about solar whilst standing in your doorway being pressurised by an ill informed or purposefully misleading salesman.

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