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Discounted Solar Barns And Carports From Lumicity

Date: 14th June 2011

London based Lumicity is offering discounted barns and discounted parking ports to farms and businesses. Lumicity will design and build the barn at a discounted or subsidised price. In return they would lease the roof area for 25 years for a nominal rent.

The company would install solar panels on the roof in order to generate electricity that they would sell back to the grid and also enable them to claim the government's feed-in tariffs. The revenue they would generate from the solar panels would cover the cost of providing a discounted barn. The benefits to the business, farm or landowner is that they get a new barn or car parking port at a discounted or reduced price. Lumicity get to use the roof area of the barn or car port to generate renewable green electricity.

Who is suitable for a discounted barn?

discounted solar barns from LumicityThe barn or car port would be specifically designed so that it has a south facing orientation in order to get maximum benefit from the Sun. This means that the land needs to have a suitable un-shaded south facing aspect. The system they install is on 3-phase so needs a 3 phase connect to be within 150 metres of the build location.

They require the potential site to be level and preferably with a hard surface. There needs to be at least 465 square metres of ground space in order for there to be enough room to fit the barn and they will only install one barn at any one postcode location.

There discounting system is based on the sites potential to generate electricity from the solar panels they install on the roof of the new barn. This means that the further south and west the site is located the bigger the discount will be. They are willing to install as far north as the Scottish borders but as the strength and duration of sunlight reduces the further north you go the less electricity the panels will be able to produce and so the lower the discount you will receive.

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