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British Gas Free Solar Panels Offer

British Gas is currently offering free solar panels through their mySolar Energy scheme. This means that they will supply and install a 2.52 to 3.15 kWp system depending on the size of your roof saving you over £150 a year on your electricity bill.

Like all the free PV solar schemes offered by various companies you have to be living in one of the estimated 12 million suitable homes. The main prerequisite is that you have enough roof space that faces in a Southerly direction. You have to own the property that you live in and if your home is suitable they will install the system worth just over £14,000 all at no cost to you.

Up until now there has been no recognisable brand name companies offering free solar PV panels. With British Gas being such a large well known household name this will undoubtedly encourage more home owners to take up the offer.

British Gas Free Solar PV

This and other similar offers have only been made possible by the governments clean energy cashback feed in tariff. This tariff pays producers with micro generation installations a fee for all of the clean energy that they produce.

Companies offering to supply, install and maintain a system at no cost to you claim this cashback tariff for themselves. There is however no reason for you to pay for your own installation and take advantage of the guaranteed 25 years worth of tariff payments.

These payments whose rate is currently 41.3 pence per kilowatt produced will easily pay for the initial cost of any installation and leave you with a hefty profit. If you have the money buying a solar PV system and claiming the tariff makes a much better return than leaving your money in a bank account. Various sources quote typical returns of 6 percent with variations between 5 and 8 percent depending on your location and the type of system you have installed.

British Gas is one of the largest solar panel installation companies in the UK which not many people realise. This current offer they have may well soon make them the leader in the solar installation field before too long.

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