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For a while solar panels or more specifically photovoltaic (PV) solar panels have been available in the UK. The only downside to them is that they cost too much and until recently planning laws have been too complex and stringent meaning that PV's remained viable to only a few.

In April 2010 a system called FITs came into being which is a feed-in tariff that energy suppliers pay people like you and me for generating our own renewable electricity. This means that for every KWh of electricity we produce you get paid 41.3p (current rate August 2010) which is set to increase annually. In addition you also get paid for the electricity you do not consume yourself but sell back to the national grid. Prior to FITs you only got the much lower sell back price which meant the payback for solar panels was over a very long period.

Since the introduction of the feed-in tariff many installers and suppliers of solar panels for the home have started to supply them for free. It seems too good to be true but it has now become cost effective for companies to provide free home solar as a viable and sustainable business practice.

This means that anyone with a suitable house can get free electricity. The company installs and maintains the panels and you get free electricity during the day (solar panels only work during the day).

Why this site exisits

So you have taken the time to read this far so you may be interested to know a little bit about why I set up Free Solar Panels UK in the first place. I first got interested in renewable energy and sustainability when I visited the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales on a school trip (yes that was a very long time ago) and saw first hand how things could be improved. This got me interested to find out more so I went to the library and read every book I could get my hands on about green design, sustainability and renewable energy. The reason I went to the library was due to the fact the internet hadn't been invented yet (I know, hard to believe).

Anyway fast forward to today and the government announced something called the feed in tariff that would pay people to generate there own green electricity. This didn't sound like the ranting of our beloved government who for decades have been happy to oblige the 'suggestions' of the oil industry. Maybe it was one oil fuelled war too far and the government realised we couldn't go on fighting every oil producing nation and maybe we should invest a few pennies in renewable energy.

As a result of their inspired plan (copied verbatim from Germany) last year we had more solar installations than at any other time. Loads of jobs are being created and even people who could never afford solar themselves are now able to get solar. Even local councils and housing associations are getting in on the act and ensuring their tenants are benefiting from lower electricity bills.

The problem with solar

The only problem was that no-one had even heard about solar let alone understand how the new solar panel grants work. Not wanting the best thing any government has ever done to go unnoticed I decided to set up this site in order to make sure the most people possible benefited from free solar energy.

To this end I now maintain a directory of free solar panel installers and have even created a map of free solar companies around the UK. You can use the map and list of installers to find a company that can provide you with a free solar installation. If you have the money I strongly recommend that you buy the system yourself. The benefit of which is that after the 25 years the scheme is guaranteed for you could be £30,000 better off if you install the largest allowable sized system.

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