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British Gas Offers Free Solar Panels To Customers

The UK is heavily dependant on fossil fuels for its energy. As fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas become more expensive and supplies dwindle it makes sense to develop a more sustainable energy supply. A supply of energy that does not rely on dwindling resources or sourcing energy from other countries.

Although nationally we are not already generating 7 percent of UK's energy from renewable sources some of our largest energy suppliers are. If they can do it surely the rest of the UK can follow suit. The governments renewable energy strategy has a target of 15 percent y the year 2020. We have a massive potential for renewable energy especially from wind and solar. We are neglecting some obvious area where we can easily meet our targets simply by having solar panels for industrial buildings. If you combine this with wind turbines on industrial sites we could be contributing a massive amount to our renewable goals.

There are many who do not want to see large scale wind development of our countryside. Even though I am an ardent greenie I tend to concur. Not because I do not like seeing wind turbines in the countryside but because out urban and industrial areas would be better suited. Why spoilt the countryside the British are famous for when we can have wind turbines in industrial areas where they would not be an eyesore or be a noise problem.

There are of course requirements for siting wind turbines which is why large wind turbines are sited in open countryside. There are however smaller turbines that are designed for being used on roofs. Large industrial roof spaces are also ideal for solar panels. They often have large areas of South facing space that is unshaded.

In theory most homes, businesses and industrial units could quite easily produce all their daytime electrical requirements from installing panels on their roof space. It actually makes more sense for many of the companies that offer free solar panels to target business, industry and the public sector.

These types of building are usually only operating during the day when the panels will be producing electricity. There would also be less concern over the 25 year lifetime of the panels being installed for such a long period. Many domestic households worry about what will happen when they try to sell their house. On commercial buildings this will not be a problem. In fact having free electricity during the day would be a big plus for selling or renting out industrial space.

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